Winner floated Seattle with the blue waves and rang the fanfare of the North American Tour.

Paramount Theater, where WINNER EVERWHERE TOUR IN SEATTLE was held, was full of local fans of Seattles on the 15th.

The concert this day is a starting point of their expansions of their activities to North America.

Especially, Winner had fun moments to communicate with fans during their performance. The members of the Winner also had an event which the members will sing the song requested by the fans.

After the stage, Kang Seungyoon said “Today is an unforgettable memory. Thank you for giving us the reason for being artists” and also greeted to Seattle fans by saying “We will miss you. We want to come back here as soon as we can and enjoy this moment once again”.

Winner moved to San Francisco on 18th after the Seattle concert was done. They will be going to Los Angeles on 20, Dallas on 22, Chicago on 24, and Toronto in Canada on 27, and finish their North America Tour in New York on 29.

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