“Ranked Second in Oricon Weekly Album Chart! Two Auspicious Occasions! Hit Parades!”

“Hodling ’2019 OH MY GIRL 1ST U.S. TOUR’ in Atlanta on the 18th as start, Chicago on 20th, Huston on 22nd, Indio on 26th, and San Jose on 27th"

The ‘Concept Fairy’ OH MY GIRL is explosive in Japan.

The agency WM Entertainment announced, “Oh My Girl took the top of the Billboard JAPAN Top Albums Sales Chart with their ‘OH MY GIRL JAPAN DEBUT ALBUM’ which was released last 9th of the month, and also ranked second on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart of 21st based on January 7~13 record”.

The debut album of Oh My Girl, ‘OH MY GIRL JAPAN DEBUT ALBUM’, contains their hit songs in Japanese version, such as ‘Remember Me’, ‘CLOSER’, etc. 

Oh My Girl started their Tokyo Live Tour in Fukuoka on 4th, and Osaka on the 5th, Tokyo on the 6th and has successfully finished their debut in Japan. Especially, the Live Tour Tickets for the three cities were sold out in short time, and their ticket power even before their debut has grabbed the attention of the public.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl, who successfully finished their debut in Japan, will start their ‘2019 OH MY GIRL 1ST U.S. TOUR’ in major 5 cities of U.S. from Atlanta to Chicago, Huston, Indio, and San Jose.

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