‘SKY Castle’ Chani “Perfect Woojoo, Worried to Express in Three Dimensional”

‘2019 Rising Star’ SF9 Chani “SF9 Members Fell into ‘SKY CASTLE’ as well”

Dreamlike Pictorial of Chani from the group SF9 has released.

Chani grabbed attention with profound eyes in the pictorial taken by @star1 of Star&Style Magazine.

Chani is firmly established as an actor, as well as in group SF9 activities. Chani, who played the role of ‘Hwang WooJoo’ in K-drama ‘SKY Castle’ of JTBC, revealed his inner story about the drama and his acting during the interview after the pictorial session. “I was worried about hot to express the role in three dimensions for it to be perfect. To show the attractive and realistic appearance, I thought about it a lot.”, said Chani and looked like he has been thinking about it very deeply.

“SF9 members also feel in love with ‘Sky Castle’ and even they ask about the following story, I just tell them watch it on the episodes”, he said and did not forget to mention about the members.

Chani has been recognized for the detailed expressions of emotions with stable acting in the k-drama ‘SKY Castle’ of JTBC, and is about to show another acting spectrum by appearing in the story titled ‘Sorry’ in ‘The First Issue’, an omnibus film.

Meanwhile, the group SF9, where Chani belongs, is continuing their activities in 2019 as well by new album release, and concerts in Korea and abroad.

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