GWSN, focused in abroad as well, coming back with new album in the first half!

The main vocalist of GWSN and the British popular pop star Jack Walton’s collaboration single album unveiled on the 18th.

Lena and Jack Walton’s global collaboration Single album ‘WE NEED A CHANGE’ soundtrack and M/V released worldwide through various music source channels such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. at 6 pm on the 18th.

Lena said, “I participated in the recording as hard as it was a project with a positive message. I would like to ask you a lot of love for this song and I am very eager to prepare a new album for the GWSN, so kindly set your interests and expectations”.

Meanwhile, the Collaboration Remix soundtrack and M/V of ‘WE NEED A CHANGE can be heard from 6 pm on 18th.

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