Hyungwon of the boy group Monsta X has recorded top 1 of the worldwide trends.

From 15th midnight until the morning, Hyungwon, member of Monsta X, grabbed high attention from the global fans and was able to spend special birthday because of the hashtags of his birthday, ‘HYUNGWONDAY,’ was tagged by fans for more than 160 thousand times in twitter, and it recorded top 1 of Worldwide Trends. 

Hyungwon, who has ranked first in Worldwide Trend of Twitter, has been showing off his multiple attractive charming.

He has been playing good in his role as Monsta X with his excellent visual and engaging voice, and has been active in DJ activities with the name DJ H.ONE.

Global meeting with global top DJ Marshmello has also been talked about.

Hyungwon recently posted a photo with popular DJ Marshmello, who has hot popularity globally, in friendly pose on the official SNS Channel of Monsta X.

Hyungwon, who built his own special charm with his own musical color, crossing the border between idol and EDM EJ, grabbed attention on his future music where he will be active in both DJ and Monsta X activities in 2019.

Meanwhile, Monsta X performed on the stage at ‘The 28th High1 Seoul Music Awards’ held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 15th.

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