- Prediction of the ‘Perfect Synergy + Harmony of the Century’ of the Top Three Artists in Korea!

The singer Lee Sora has predicted the superb new song which is collaborated with SUGA of BTS and Tablo of Epik High.

Lee Sora side said on the 18th morning that the new single album ‘Song Request’, which is about to be released at 6 pm of 22nd afternoon, was participated by SUGA of BTS and Tablo of Epik High in Featuring and Song writing, respectfully.

SUGA participated in rap featuring and wrote the lyrics of his own rap part. SUGA’s heavy rapping adds to the song that is full of unique emotions of Lee Sora, and a song which is fresh and is even more complete was born.

In particular, its first time for SUGA to be featured on other artists’ songs since his debut with this song, and the interests of the public is attracted to what kind of chemi will be showing by Lee Sora and SUGA.

In addition, Tablo was the composer and lyricist of the ‘Song Request’ and presented the best song for Lee Sora. In 2011, their relationship began through the solo album of Tablo ‘Home’ where Lee Sora was featuring, and through the ‘Song Request’, the two artists’ collaboration was possible once again after 8 years.

As the three best artists in each field are collaborating together, it is expected to produce the best harmony of perfection with the perfect musical synergy.

Lee Sora’s new song ‘Song Request’ is a song about listening to a story read by a DJ in a night radio who is desperate for someone’s comfort and to relax in a similar story, which will be expressed softly through the unique sensibility and tone of Lee Sora. 

Following Lee Sora’s collaboration with Roy Kim through ‘October Lover’ last October, and she is cooperating with Suga and Tablo this time which is expected to solidify her position as the ‘Queen of Collaboration’.

Meanwhile, Lee Sora’s new single album ‘Song Request’ will be available on various soundtrack sites from 6 pm on the 22nd.

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