Fully Loaded with all new attraction!

No Substitutes, Time to fall into Hyomin’s Magic! 

- Hyomin, Mellow Girlcrush Attraction! Sound Keeps Rolling In the Ears + Strong Concept, Unique Concept That Only She Can Show! 

- Hyomin, New Track ‘U Um U Um’ Finally Unveiling! Focused Attention At A Glance, Gorgeous Visual That Can No Be Removed!

The teaser video of the Hyomin’s new track ‘U Um U Um’ has been released.

The new digital single album ‘U Um U Um’ of the solo singer Hyomin, which released on January 20, has released her teaser video with full of the strong attractions before its release, and raised the interests of the public. 

The track ‘U Um U Um’ is the first urban hip-hop genre since her debut which predicted her widen music spectrum and concept capacity, and voice of support is pouring in to her brilliant musical growth by always challenging new thing. 

On the other hand, Lee Junyeop, the director of sensational and emotional production, grabbed the mega-phone and said the shooting was done by one-take and the public’s curiosity increased more. 

Following 'Nice Body', 'Sketch', and ‘MANGO', Hyomin’s new digital single album ‘U Um U Um’, together with its M/V, released at 6 pm on January 20 in various soundtrack sites, and the 3rd Mini solo album will release this coming February.

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