Kim JaeJoong, Birthday Fan Meeting ‘J-PARTY & MINI CONCERT’ held on 20th Was Successful!

Kim Jaejoong spent very special moment together with his fans from 15 countries by celebrating his birthday.

C-JeS Entertainment said, “Kim Jaejoong has successfully finished his ‘2019 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY & MINI CONCERT’ held in Grand Peace Hall of Kyunghee University on the 20th. In this fan meeting, which took about four hours, Kim JaeJoong had a great time as it was best birthday fan meeting ever by actively showing fan services as well as enjoying games and programs with fans, and giving away gifts to the fans, such as eco-bags, drip coffee, etc.” 

As ‘J-PARTY’ started, Kim JaeJoong made sang ‘Now is good’ with his sweet voice and electrified the audience who waited for long. Then the MC Kim TaeJin went up on the stage and presented various events with the fans. They celebrated Kim JaeJoong’s birthday this coming 26th by blowing the cake with the birthday songs and photos first, then Kim Jaejoong greeted fans saying “It’s been a while we have met. I wasn’t able to meet you since I was focusing on activities last year and was a bit scared of the activities in Japan but I think the results were great because of your supports as much as you have waited for me”.

When the fan meeting started, Kim Jaejoong has performed cute actions and sexy dances by fans’ request and shook the fans. Also, through the raffles, he gave away the eco-bags and hand dripped coffees made by himself, and of course, he didn’t forget to take selfies together.

Kim Jaejoong came up with a band session at a mini concert that matched the atmosphere of the fan meeting and gave a fantastic stage in front of Korean fans for a long time such as ‘9+1#’, ‘Rotten Love’, ‘Just another girl’, as well as ‘Good Morning Night’, the highlight stage. 

As the last song ‘I’ll protect you’ came out, a placard with the words ‘JaeJoong, We’ll always be here’ was filled with seats. With the placard, the fans sand the verse together and Kim JaeJoong blushed his eyes the beautiful harmony filled the hall, and it even impressed the viewers.

After the concert was done, fans sent their joy and impressions of the concert through their SNS such as “Best J-PARTY again this year! I was so happy that I was with Jaejoon”, “I was so happy I didn’t even know that four hours has passed.”, “It was JaeJoong’s birthday but why do I feel like I got the gift? Thank you for this year as well”, “JaeJoong, We will protect you! We will always be here”, etc.

On the other hand, Kim JaeJoong, who has successfully held his birthday fan meeting in Korea, will continue his Asian tour fan meeting ‘2019 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY&MINI CONCERT’ from Japan on 27th, and to Taiwan, Tahiland, and Hong Kong. 

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