New Chapter to be written by Shinhwa! 21st Debut Anniversary Projects Starts! 

The Living History of the Music Industry, Shinhwa! Predicts 2019 Activities! Expectations UP! 

The group Shinhwa has announced the beginning of their 21st debut anniversary.

Shinhwa, celebrates its 21st debut anniversary this year, released the teaser poster of ‘OUR PRECIOUS CHATER’ through their official website and SNS channels.

In the released teaser poster, there is a book with an eagle emblem and there is the word ‘OUR PRECIOUS CHAPTER’ on the book cover along with the name of Shinhwa, and the curiosity about the teaser poster is increased. The eagle emblem, symbol of Shinhwa, indicates ‘XXI’ and ‘21st Anniversary’ and it raised expectations of the public for their 21st anniversary project.

With this, Shinhwa Company said, “As 2019 is the year of 21st anniversary of Shinhwa’s debut, it will be an important year to open the next chapter of Shinhwa. With the opening of the ‘OUR PRECIOUS CHAPTER’ teaser poster of Shinhwa, please expect and be interested as the project for the 21st debut anniversary of Shinhwa started.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa, who has continued their individual activities including the 20th anniversary concert since they released their special album ‘HEART’ last year, together with the release of this teaser poster, will continue their activities in 2019. 

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