“We would like to be the idol that goes to the world” IZ*ONE, Global aspirations for 2019

The global group IZ*ONE has finished their debut showcase in Japan successfully.

IZ*ONE held showcase as a celebration of the 1st single album release in Japan ‘Suki To Iwasetai’ at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan last 20th.

About 4,000 fans were gathered in this showcase, which invited for reservation buyers, and was able to feel the popularity of IZ*ONE in Japan even it was before their official debut.

IZ*ONE announced their goals and activities of becoming global idol through the media showcase which was held before this showcase. 

During the showcase, IZ*ONE performed the title song ‘La Vie en Rose’ of the debut album ‘COLOR*IZ’ in Korea, and Lee Chaeyeon said, “We are so happy that we were able to meet WIZ*ONE in Japan and finally debut in Japan. Please look forward as we have worked so hard”.

By pre-releasing the music video of the title song ‘Suki To Iwasetai’, before its official release on February 6, IZ*ONE has heightened the mood of the audience. Followed by performing it on the stage for the first time, they made meaningful moments with the fans who have been waiting for their debut.

On the other hand, IZ*ONE, who showed fast growth by swiping the rookie awards in music awards in Korea, will officially begin their global activities in 2019 by releasing their single album ‘Suki To Iwasetai’ for their debut in Japan as its starting point.

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