(G)i-dle 'TO NEVERLAND', Romantic Journey in San Francisco

The girl roup (G)i-dle is releasing their travel story in San Francisco.

The 2nd episode of (G)i-dle’s first reality show ‘TO NEVERLAND’ will be broadcasted through the CJ ENM music digital studio M2 at 2pm on the 22nd.

This episode draws the picture of (G)i-dle members having fun in San Francisco. It’s about to release the moments of (G)i-dle enjoying the trip as if they are on a trip with ordinary friends such as eating brunch, shopping in some stores, etc. 

In addition, the (G)i-dle visited the headquartered of a global cosmetics brand ‘Kaja’, and they were able to spend good time by experiencing the products themselves and demonstrate the make-ups.

‘TO NEVERLAND’ of M2 contains the meaning of making a pleasant trip to beautiful city as a first reality show of (G)i-dle since their debut, and giving special gift to (G)i-dle’s fan club ‘NEVERLAND’. 

Especially, the members have volunteered themselves to shoot the M/V of the unreleased song of Minnie so it is more expecting if what kind of results will come out. 

On the other hand, ‘TO NEVERLAND’ which broadcasted its 1st episode on the 15th, will be aired at CJ ENM Music Digital Studio M2 every Tuesday at 2 pm. 

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