Meeting Fans in Macau, Bangkok, Taipei, and Tokyo! 
YURI of SNSD (SM Entertainment) will hold her first Asia Fanmeeting Tour. 

YURI will be having special meeting with the fans by holding “YURI 1st Fanmeeting Tour ‘INTO YURI’” starting in Macau on February 9, and hot responses of global fans are expected.

YURI, a member of the legend girl group ‘SNSD’, who performed hit-march for each song they presented, is recognized for her attractive vocal and outstanding performances, and showed an extraordinary transformation through her first solo album ‘The First Scene’ last October which attracted attention. 

Also, she played in various roles regardless of the genre of dramas such as ‘Neighborhood Hero’, ‘Gogh, The Starry Night’, ‘Innocent Decendant’, Netflix web sitcom ‘The Sound of Your Heart Season 1&2’, and others. As much as she is loved by the public for being an actress as well, the interests are heightened for this fanmeeting where the various colorful appearances of YURI can be seen.  

In addition, this Asian fanmeeting tour has been confirmed in Macau and Bangkok for February, and Taipei and Tokyo for March, and fans are expected to continue their enthusiasm as more shows are planned to be held in major cities within Asia.

Meanwhile, YURI expresses her comic performance lovingly by acting as a new salesperson of the sales team at the MBC drama “Dae Jang Geum Is Whatching’ and is currently very popular nowadays.

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