Artists from SM Entertainment (SM) have been burning the night of Chile.

Special edition of SMTOWN LIVE (SMTOWN SPECIAL STAGE in SANTIAGO) was held on January 18~19 in ESTADIO NACIONAL, the largest concert hall in Santiago, Chile. The fantastic live and powerful performance of SM artists and their gentle manners fascinated the local fans.

It was first SMTOWN concert with BOA, SUPER JUNIOR, HYO YEON YURI (GIRLS GENERATION), KEY TAEMIN(SHINEE) AMBER(F(x)), EXO, RED VELVET, NCT 127, NCT DREAM. The artists prepared 45 songs and amazing performance for four hours. They proved their global brand power and their popularity once again in Chile national stadium South America.

The special DJ, DJ HYO YEON, warmed up the stage before start of the concert. BOA's 'Woman', SUPER JUNIOR’s 'One More Time' (Otra Vez) (SJ Ver.), EXO's 'Love Shot' and RED VELVET's 'RB (Rally Bad Boy)', 'NCT's 127 'Regular' NCT DREAM’s 'We go up' were performed by the groups. The artists prepared their famous songs and solo singers also performed a variety of styles. They received explosive shouts including in performances of YE SUNG’s ‘Fly’ YURI’s ‘into you’ KEY’s ‘One of those nights’ TAE MIN’s ‘MOVE’ and AMBER’s ’Countdown’. 

Fans also cheered for performances of BOA X TAEMIN ‘Only One’, BOA X TAE YONG ‘No Matter What’, SUPER JUNIOR IRIN ‘Love Siento’, HYO YEON X TAE YONG ‘Wnnabe’, YERI X RENJUN X JENO X JAE MIN ‘Hair In The Air’ etc. They fascinated the local fans to their songs with unique collaboration stages of the artists. SUPER JUNIOR also performed a special song, the addictive Latin song by Luis Miguel entitled ‘Ahora Te Puedes Marchar’.

During the concert local fans were standing up for four hours, enjoyed and followed singing and dancing with every song. The artists were moving around to communicate with their fans, present Spanish greetings like las amamos, Me extrañaron? led an ebullient mood.

Additionally, they used advantage of the main stage and Y shape stage, sub stage, outdoor concert hall and the special effects such as flashy lighting, laser, and firecrackers which brought the local fans admiration.

This concert was televised in Spain’s national broadcasting stations such as TVN, MEGA, CHV, Canal 13, and daily newspaper El mercurio, La Tercera, Las Últimas Noticias. More than 150 reporters from United States, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, China, Indonesia attended and took interest in the concert. 

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