[THE FACT] Duo JBJ95 ranked 1st in Rising Star Voting of the ‘FANNSTAR.

JBJ95 ranked 1st by getting 129,745 votes in artist ranking in 3rd week of January from January 14 ~ 21 held by ‘FANNSTAR’. Followed by ONEUS with 125,035 votes as 2nd, and followed by HOTSHOT with 1,978 votes as 3rd place.

Candidate will be selected randomly by ‘FANNSTAR’ and will be focused on the artists who have the potential to emerge as a future trend. Regardless of the debut year, gender, or age, any artists who grow distinctive musical activities can be a candidate. 

Special Benefits are awarded if the artists are ranked first for five consecutive weeks in Rising Star Award. First, the winners will be announced through the website of ‘THE FACT’ in Korea, Japan, and China. The news about winning Rising Star Award can be seen beyond Korea. By disclosing their awards abroad, they can get the chance to expose themselves to become a global k-pop artist.

Also, the celebrating video will be screened at the waiting areas of the 43 stations of Korea subway Line 2. The trophies will also be delivered directly to the artists together with the hearts of the fans.

With the announcement of JBJ95’s 1st place, the nickname ‘KIEN’ said, ‘Sangkyun, Kenta, of JBJ95, Congratulations! I got in to JBJ95 a bit late but is die-hard fan now. You are the first idol I fell into in my whole life, and I didn’t know I’ll be falling this hard. I’m always supporting for you guys. Once again, congratulations on being 1st place”. 

Meanwhile, FANNSTAR started the ‘Rising Star’ award voting from January 7th up to 14th for the 2nd week of January. The candidates are ‘JBJ95, ASTRO, ONEUS, Golden Child, On&Off, and Stray Kid.

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