SS501 Kim Hyung-joon will start his World Tour.

The agency CI ENT announced that the singer and actor Kim Hyung Joon will hold his first world tour "MASTER PIECE,". He will start with his concert in Mexico on March 23, and will meet global fans in April and continue to meet with fans from five cities in four countries, including the tour in Japan and Chile and Bolivia.

Since his debut in 2005, Kim Hyung Joon got attention for his singing career through "SS501" and "SS301. He has been truly loved by lot of foreign fans as well as recognized for his talent as an actor including for his acting in MBC's "Pots of Gold" and KBS's "Melody of Love”.

Kim HyungJoon, who will be meeting fans closely through this ‘MASTER PIECE’ fan meeting tour, is about to begin his world tour from Mexico on March 23, followed by in Chile and Bolivia on March 28 and 30, respectfully, and he announced that he will be holding concert in Tokyo on April 11 and in Osaka on April 13, where fans expectations are increasing.

This world tour of Kim HeongJoon is more special since it is the first concert after he was discharged from the military and by his announcement to present unforgettable moments to the fans through various special fan meeting programs and fancy performances so the attention of the public are attracted.

 “Kim Hyung Joon, who will be going on a fan meeting tour as his first activity after military, will be going on a world tour in Mexico on March 23rd. Mexico as its starting point, he will be presenting special memories to global fans in different countries, including Chile, Bolivia, and Japan so please set your expectations.”.

Meanwhile, Mexico fan meeting on march 23rd as the starting point, Kim HyungJoon will hold the ”MASTER PIECE’, and will continue his worldwide activities by expanding area of the tour in the future.

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