[THE FACT] Daniel Kang from the group Wanna One has ranked first for five consecutive weeks in individual ranking of ‘FANNSTAR’.

From January 14~21, ‘FANNSTAR’ has opened the 3rd week ranking with the subject ‘The idol star I would like to have couple rings with?’. Daniel Kang ranked first by getting 379,258 votes in individual ranking. Followed by Juni of A.C.E with 117,971 votes as 2nd, and followed by JR of Nu’EST with 116,890 votes as 3rd place.

‘FANNSTAR’ screens congratulatory video for the artists who have been in the 1st place for 5 consecutive weeks in Korea and in Shinjuku, Japan. Also, if the artists record 10 consecutive weeks of 1st place, they enter in Hall of Fame. ‘FANNSTAR’ also provides various benefits such as screening the impression video of the artists in displays located in Korea and Japan.

With the new of Daniel Kang’s first place, the fans with nickname 'windfateis' said, “Our beloved Kang Daniel.. Your heart and peoples heart are connected with limitless love…! Even though it is not visible, it’s very precious gift, happiness, and Thankful matter…… You’ve done well Daniel and we will support your new start together with the love pick of all. Cheer up, Fighting! And Congratulations on 1st place of individual ranking in FANNSTAR!”. Nickname '☆어린왕자녤☆' said, "Daniel Kang, who always let me feel the happiness of dreaming about having couple rings with my best idol star. Congratulations for being 1st place. I will always support for your flowery path while waiting for the April with the wind of spring”.

Meanwhile, ‘FANNSTAR’ is holding ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’ at Namdong Gymnasium in Namdong-gu, Incheon on April 24.

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