The singer Yang Yoseob is releasing new single album ahead of his entry to the military.

On 23rd, agency Around Us announced that Yang YoSeob will released his new digital single album [20 full moon] at 6 o’clock of 24th afternoon.
and ‘Moonlight’, which is composed by Yang YoSeob himself, which he poured out his sadness that he will be away from the precious people for a while and be back after twenty full moon as its album name.

Especially, on 24th, the day of the release, the digital single album with his true heart will become more precious gift to the fans as it is ‘Yang Yoseob’s military enlistment day.

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseob’s Digital Single Album [20 Full Moons] is about to be released through the various music sites at 6 pm on the 24th afternoon.

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