SEVENTEEN, the group which has been showing a lot of enthusiasm with their sixth mini album ‘YOU MADE MY DAWN’, has conducted exclusive interview with U.S. Billboard and attracted attention of the public.

The U.S. music media, Billboard released an exclusive interview with SEVENTEEN on the 21st (local time) about their 2018 and their new album 'YOU MADE MY DAWN".

Billboard has questioned about the 2018 of SEVENTEEN, and they answered, “We’ve toured around the world and wanted to impress people to those who listens to SEVENTEEN’s music and stories.”, and the member Vernon has expressed the concept of their music as, “As time goes by, it seems that ‘maturity’ has naturally melted into our music”.

In an interview regarding the new album released on the 21st, Vernon and Joshua expressed their satisfaction about the title song "Home" by saying “It is a soft song which is comfortable to listen due to the healing message in it. We have been practicing hard to for the performance to be harmonious with the atmosphere of the song”. And they added, “it can be your home and comfort, where you can cry alone” regarding the lyrics, as it is the impressive song with warm lyrics.

They also answered regarding the various genres contained in one album, such as quiet and warm song “Home”, up to the powerful style of ‘Getting Closer’, as, “We wanted to show to the public that we can express various genres, by not limiting ourselves to one genre and unique performances”, and showed their artistic side of trying their best to present various styles to the public by trying out new things.

Moreover, the question about the source of their inspiration, SEVENTEEN said “we get a lot of ideas from our daily lives. Many ideas come from our experiences and from conversations we talk about regarding those”, and Woozi also showed off their solid teamwork as well as their own work environments by saying, "All members participate in the albums, and we discuss what we want all together. And when the song is selected, we make it better together through the opinions of the members”.

Lastly, regards to the question about their goal for 2019, the leader S.Coups answered with strong aspiration as, "We will be presenting new sides of us while being busier, and we would like to perform all over the world. We are very sure that we will be a great SEVENTEEN”, then they ended their interview.
SEVENTEEN has expressed their sincere stories in various fields including their new album, as well as their inspiration, ambition, aspiration, music, etc. In the interview.

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN performed their fantastic comeback stage by presenting the first stage of the title song ‘Home’ at ‘M Countdown’ of the cable channel Mnet on the 24th.

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