PSY "Will Make A Playgrounds for the Players" Confident Aspiration 

[THE FACT] The singer PSY has established a company and became the ‘Chairman” of an Entertainment company.

PSY has announced on the 24th on his SNS Account as “Hi, this is PSY. I have established a company. Its name is P NATION”.

PSY told the purpose of establishing a company as “I have worked as a singer PSY and PSY’s producer, manager, promoter, and now I am planning to share it with more people.”

Lastly, he added the direction of his company as “I will try to make a playground for the players with passion who sweats for their dreams”.

Together with the establishment of the agency, PSY has posted a picture with JESSY and informed that he recruited her.

Previously, PSY has been with YG Entertainment for the past 8 years since 2010 and left YG Entertainment in May last year.

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