- ‘The 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK]’, will be held twice at Olympic Hall on March 2! 

The group ASTRO is holding their 3rd fan meeting in March.

ASTRO has disclosed the teaser image and the main poster of ‘The 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK]’ through their official SNS account at midnight on the 23rd and 24th respectfully, and received the explosive reaction of the fans.

The poster featured the movie ‘MEN IN BLACK’ where the ASTRO members are holding to the different guns wearing sunglasses with purple stars shining in the dark sky night as background. ASTRO has attracted attention of the fans and raised their curiosity and expectations towards the fan meeting by showing the hard and dull atmosphere to defend someone which is totally different with previous images of ASTRO.

The ASTRO’s third fan meeting will be held at the Olympic Hall on March 2 for the 3rd batch of the paid fan club AROHA, and its pre-selling of the tickets will be open for the fan club members at 8 pm on January 28th, and the ordinary booking of the tickets will be open at 8 pm of the 30th afternoon.

ASTRO has announced as, “The day once in a year is coming back. The concept of the festival, where ASTRO and AROHA can be together, is BLACK. ASTOR will be the secret agents to defend AROHA from the alien invasion. Are you ready to meet ASTRO? We will wait for you”. 

“ASTRO is working hard to meet with fans such as the year-end concert last year, release of their first full album, and the third fan meeting. For this fan meeting, ASTRO members are also suggesting various ideas to prepare special stages for the fans. We hope ASTRO and AROHA will have happy moments together thorough this fan meeting.”, said Fantagio Music.

Meanwhile, ASTRO released their first full album ‘All Light’ and is currently being active in music industry with their title song ‘All Night’.

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