Talented Idol Cherry Bullet’s first debut stage was released. 

Through ‘M Countdown’ of Mnet, Cherry Bullet has performed the stage of their title song ‘Q&A’ of the debut single album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’ on the 24th.

The track ‘Violet’ which released together with the song ‘Q&A’, is a song based on Neo Soul and acoustic R&B. The sweet harmony and the vocal ability of new talented idol ‘Cherry Bullet’ can be heard.

Cherry Bullet made their debut on the 21st with their single album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’. The music video of the debut song ‘Q&A’ is rapidly expanding its fandom by surpassing 1 million views on YouTube in 15 hours. They are receiving attention of people as they were selected as a model of the school uniform brands, and selected as ‘2019 K-Pop Expected Artist’ in Billboard, at the same time as their debut.

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