BigHit, Will they be able to make ‘Mega Hit’ again as BTS 

[THE FACT] The new group TOMORROW X TOGETHER has finished their preparation to enter the music industry.

On the 24th, BigHit Entertainment, agency of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, posted a photo of complete five members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER on their official website and SNS channels. With this, BigHit Entertainment has confirmed the total five members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER which are Soobin, the leader, Yeonjoon, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hunning Kai.

The members shows the attractions of natural energetic boys in their introduction films. They look bright and energetic by dancing together, playing games or fooling around each other with the beat in various places such as subways, schools, playfields, etc.

The group photo completed the chemi of the five members by showing the scene of the members leaning to each other while looking at the camera. 

Previously, since 11th, TOMORROW X TOGETHER members were sequentially released from YeonJoon, Soobin, Hunning Kai, TaeHyun, and Beomgyu. The accumulated views of the five members’ individual introduction films have exceeded 40 million views. Also, their twitter account has surpassed the 100 thousand followers in 30 minutes immediately after it was opened on the 24th.

Meanwhile, according to the agency, TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a bright and healthy idol group in which the boys gathered together for one dream and a goal demonstrating synergy each other with the meaning of ‘Make tomorrow together with You & I, who are different from each other’

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