The new singer boy group TREI has released 4th episode their first reality program ‘TREI TIME BEGINS’ through V Live of Naver on the 24th morning.

TREI has released their daily life of practice room and said, “We are currently working on our music in the studio and they mentioned it would be good if it can be recorded as video so we are going to release our daily life in the studio”. 
Lee Jaejoon has released the topic of the day as, “Usually, we spend more than half of our daily life here in the studio making songs and practicing it so it’s like our home. As it is a studio, we would like to show on the songs we have been working on as well as how we worked’.

Meanwhile, TREI is composed of three members, Lee Jaejoon, Chae Changhyun, and Kim Juntae, which the attention of the public is concentrated even before their official debut, which will be during the first half of this year, by showing the abilities as singer song writer of all members in writing, Composing, Producing, etc.

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