CLC has released the M/V teaser clip of their title song ‘No’. 

CLC has released their M/V teaser clip of the title song ‘No’ of the 8th mini album ‘No.1’ through their official SNS.

The teaser clip, which was in Seunghee and Yujin versions, raised the curiosity towards M/V by showing the scene of staring their reflection in the mirror or throwing flowers at the camera.

Especially, in each M/V teaser clip, it contains the highlight parts of each member in the new song ‘No’, which increased the fans expectations.

CLC’s 8th mini album ‘No.1’ is filled with the music that no one can do except CLC as well as the desire to climb to No.1 as its album name.

The title song ‘No’ is a dance song that combines the unique texture of the synth base and the dynamic bass line with the lyrics that expresses the sense of dignity and confidence of ‘One color cannot express me’.

CLC, who is coming back in more matured presence after a year from ‘BLACK DRESS’, is currently focusing on their last preparation of the current album.

Meanwhile, CLC’s 8th mini album ‘No.1’ will be released through various online soundtrack websites at 6 pm on the 30th afternoon.

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