[THE FACT] ‘FANNSTAR’ has opened the birthday support for Changmin of TVXQ.

“Changmin’s Birthday Project is running from 19th of the month. It is a large billboard display event to celebrate Changmin’s birthday on the 18th next month.”, said ‘FAN N STAR’, the playground of the idol fandom.

The birthday market of Changmin is a project in supporting form which the success or failure will be decided depending on the numbers of the star points contributed by the fans. It attracts attention since fans abroad can also participate as well.

When 100,000 star points are contributed, the birthday celebration video will be displayed on the electric boards in waiting areas of 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul. When it reaches 400,000 star points, together with the subway displays, travel bus advertisement will be confirmed.

Previously, ‘FAN N STAR’ has opened the birthday support of Changmin on January 19, 2018. By many fans’ participation, it has achieved 400% of its goal. On the same year, the birthday celebration video of Changmin was screened on the billboards in Japan and Seoul from February 13~19. 

It is exciting to see whether the love of the fans towards Changming can be delivered again this year. 

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