'Under Nineteen', Every Saturday Afternoon 6:25 pm

[THE FACT] The contestants of the survival program ‘Under Nineteen’ is taking another step near to the debut.

“On the ‘Under Nineteen’, which will be aired on the 26th, the behind story videos and the final rank announcement, and the survived contestants of the final live stage will be released”, said production team of MBC for ‘Under Nineteen’ on the 25th.

According to the production team, various moments will be included from the greetings of the contestants during audition, saying, “Goal is to be good in everything”, the behind story video of the contestant during their first stage, which they expressed their impressions as “We tried our best and we think we have presented good performance.”, as well as the story of the first tear fell down their eyes.

The first moments of the contestants who have been growing through the program will be included as well. Together with this, the final gateway of the survival, the ranking will also be announced. The tension and turnaround is staying until the end on who will be taking the top places of the individual rankings and on who will be the final 19 surviving members to go up on the final live stage.

‘Under Nineteen’ is an audition program to make next generation’s global idol by combining the best of each area in vocals, rapping, performances, etc. The public participation for the group name of the members to debut will continue until February 2. The 5th votes for three candidates can be done twice in a day per ID through 11st official website and mobile apps.

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