LOONA, What’s the concept this time?

[THE FACT] The girl group LOONA has released the third teaser video following ‘XIX’ and ‘XIIX’. 

Block Berry Creative, agency of LOONA, has released the video of ‘XIIIX’ on the official YouTube channels at midnight of the 21st.

Go Won has released the local shooting where HaSeul was revealed in the video ‘XIIX’, which was released on the 11th. In this 'XIIIX' video, Olivia Hye had local shooting at Paris where HeeJin released.

In the three teaser videos released by LOONA, it contains butterflies in all videos, and the last scene of ‘XIIX’ video displayed 'Fljúga eins og fiðrildi’ which means fly away like the butterflies, and shows the connection between butterfly and the new album.

Meanwhile, LOONA will be releasing their full tracks of the comeback album by holding the 2nd solo concert at Olympic Hall of Olympic Park in Bangyi-dong, Seoul on February 16th and 17th.

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