Han Seung Yeon, a singer and actress, released her digital single album at 6 pm on 25th. 

The song ‘I Love Me’ is pre-releasing song of her Japanese mini album ‘Aozora’ which will be released on January 30th and is a new song presenting in about 2 years in Korea. Han Seung Yeon decided on pre-release of the song for her fans who have waited for long.

‘I Love Me’ is a song with Rock, Funk sounds which the strong piano and the exciting rhythms of drums, base, and guitar are outstanding with rich background vocals which adds splendor to the song, and producing is done by Mono Tree team which has close relationship with their fans by producing a lot of hit songs of artists, such as Taeyeon, EXO, Red Velvet, etc.

Especially, Han Seung Yeon has pictured the ambitious and dramatic progress of loving herself by trying out various singing method of music without leaning to other people, and the new musical attraction of Han Seung Yeon ccan be felt through the song.

Meanwhile, Han Seung Yeon is about to release her second mini album ‘Aozora’ in Japan on the 30th, and will be holding mini live and album promotion from January 29th to February 2 in Japan and meet the fans.

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