Minseo turned into a lovely girl who fell in love.

Agency the Mystic Entertainment, unveiled the 2nd concept photo of Minseo's new song "2cm" on the 24th.

In the picture, Minseo has a more youthful and charming appeal with her hair braided into twin tail styling

Minseo, who has released her debut album, "The Diary of Youth," sequentially since March last year, and she will be releasing her last song "2cm" on this coming 29th.

"2cm" is a thrilling duet song that compares the distance between the two people to "2cm," and Paul Kim, who topped the charts for every single release, including "Meeting You" and "Green Light," participated as a duet featuring, Kim ea na wrote the lyrics and produced by Orori and Mono Tree.

This song is a collaboration of two generations of musicians, Minseo and Paul Kim, seen as the most anticipated duet song of the first half of this year.

Minseo's debut album will be released sequentially from "The Grand Dream", ”Growing Up”, and “Is Who” which will show the maturity of her emotions," Minseo shows various characters through different genres and concepts each time, and she predicts the fulfilling activities for the year 2019 by releasing her new song.

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