JUNHO of 2PM released his 2nd best album ‘TWO’ and have special birthday celebration.

Junho, a member of the group 2PM as well as a solo singer who is very successful in its path, presented his second solo best album ‘TWO’ in celebration of his birthday on January 25. 'TWO' is a new best album which is presented after 3 years and 4 months after the first solo best album ‘ONE’ has released last September 14, 2015.

The album ‘TWO’ consists of 12 tracks, which Junho has participated in writing lyrics, and composition. The composition of the album is ‘CANVAS, ‘Fine’, and ‘Winter Sleep’, the three solo tracks released in Korea; and the Korean version of nine soundtracks released in Japan such as: ‘Imagination’, ‘FLASHLIGHT’, ‘DSMN’, ‘So Sorry’, ‘Airplane’, ‘On Your Mind’, ‘In The End’, ‘Ride up’, ‘Next to you’.

The album ‘TWO’ with all soundtracks, which the ‘Best Moments’ of Junho, the ‘solo singer’, are all included, has released through various soundtrack sites at6 pm of the 25th afternoon.

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