Yang YoSeob, Enters Conscripted Police on the 24th

[THE FACT] Yang YoSeob, member of group HIGHLIGHT has expressed his impression to the fans before his entry of the conscripted police.

Yang YoSeob posted his hand written letters together with his pictures taken with the members in his Instagram on the 24th morning. “As you already know, I’m entering conscripted police. I’m a bit excited about adjusting new environment, meeting new people, and making another memory but I’m a bit worried as well”, he said in the letter. 

“I will finish my responsibilities and will return by your side to let you hear my songs. I hope you the time, which might be slow but can be fast on the other hand, will be filled with happiness. I think it’s another opportunity for me to become more matured. I will enjoy the moments and will wait for the day we meet again.”, he added. 

Meanwhile, the group Highlight released single album ’20 Full Moons’ at 6 pm on the 24th when Yang YoSeob entered the training base. Yang YoSeob has self-produced the ‘With you’, and ‘Moonlight’ tracks of the album.

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