Girl group GFRIEND has become the first star of the new year at ‘The Show’.

During the "The Show" of SBS MTV on Wednesday, they won ASTRO and Lee Minhyuk with their new song "Sunrise" and took the first place at the same time as they comeback, and started their trophy hunting.

"Thank you very much, Buddy. Thank you so much for giving us this big award from the beginning of the year. We will become a GFRIEND who works harder in the future.”, they said while holding to the Trophy.

On the same day, GFRIEND made a successful comeback with their title song "Sunrise" and the song "Memoria."

With a deeper concept of 'passion and dim', performance added with storytelling, and the solid contents that has harmony of the explosive vocalist, they are getting good responses from the music fans.

“Sunrise" is a song that express a deeper feelings of a girl comparing her love one to the "Sun," which has not arisen. With a splendid orchestra arrangement, the complicated feeling of the girl is sketched and was able to complete the composition for the audience not to feel bored.

Meanwhile, GFriend continued their comeback stages with their new song ‘Sunrise’ at ‘Show! Champion’ of MBC Music on the 23rd as well.

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