On 28th, Bae JinYoung disclosed his handwritten letter expressing his impressions about the end of Wanna One activities through his official fan café.

“Finished my last day as Bae JinYoung of Wanna One. Good job to the Wanna One members. Out members who have always been solid and never been shaken, I really appreciate it and love you guys. I learned a lot and experienced many things while doing activities as Wanna One, my dream. Even though 11 members are separating, let’s do our best and meet on the top all together in smile.”, he said in the letter.

“I’m writing this letter while listening to the ‘12th Star’ and I feel like I might cry since I remember our WANNABLES when I listen to the lyrics. Now I just feel great even just listening to the name ‘WANNABLES’. Thank you for being a part of my life, Wanna One is taking break here but our heart of caring and loving WANNABLES will never change. My days as Bae YoungJin of Wanna One was very happy because of WANNABLES. I love you and Thank you very much”, he added.
Bae JinYoung, who met the fans through the 2019 WannaOne concert ‘Therefore’ for four days from the 24th has finished the last concert on the 27th and has successfully ended his Wanna One activities which has been a year and 6 months.

Meanwhile, Bae JinYoung has announce the birth of his first official fan club, and the registration of the 1st batch of the fan club will be starting today at 6 pm through the online reservation site, Interpark Ticket.

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