[THE FACT] 'FAN N STAR' has opened the birthday project for Kevin of the group The Boyz.

‘FAN N STAR’, an idol ranking information site, has opened the birthday support of Kevin on the 25th. It is a large display event which is made by the collaboration of ‘FAN N STAR’ and ‘THE B’.

The birthday messages from the fans and the photos of Kevin will be displayed on the billboards. Total of five messages of the fans by draw will be displayed.

The participation of Kevin’s birthday support can be done at the ‘STAR MARKET’ page of the ‘FAN N STAR’ website. Fans will contribute their collected star points to the event. The star points can be collected by completing each missions or through the various activities within the website.

The project for the Kevin’s birthday will be running until the 10th of the next month. Many are wondering if the special birthday gift of THE B will be delivered to Kevin or not.

The idol celebration events, hosted by the ‘FAN N STAR’, can be requested by any fan. Further information can be viewed in its website.

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