[THE FACT] ‘FAN N STAR’, the weekly idol ranking site operated by THE FACT, has announced the billboards screening in Korea and Japan by successfully achieving the birthday support of the singer and actor, Kim Jae Joong. 

On the 25th, ‘FAN N STAR’ has released the photo of Kim Jae Joong’s birthday video that are screening in Tokyo, Japan. ‘FAN N STAR’ has opened the birthday support event for Kim Jae Joong last December 21, and has achieved 200%. With this, the display at large screen in Tokyo, Japan, and in 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul has been confirmed from 22nd up to 28th.

The displayed video shows the fans’ messages and photos who participated in Kim JaeJoong’s birthday support. “I miss Kim JaeJoong. Jae Joong, See you at J-Party.”, said ‘NO.X’. The nickname ‘lilyDefiance126’ said, “Our One & Only! Jaefans love you!”.

The nickname '모나이요' said, "Happy birthday Kim JaeJoong. I will keep the time we’ve spend and will spend together preciously. Thank you always.”. Nickname '라벤다' commented as, "JaeJoong, Thank you for being born. Hope your day is filled with happiness”. The nickname ‘je851726jj’ said, “I will protect you JaeJoong. I love you, Happy birthday.”

Meanwhile, ‘FAN N STAR’ is holding ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’ at Namdong Gymnasium in Namdong-gu, Incheon this coming April 24th.

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