[THE FACT] 'Surprise event prepared by the fans!'

“Wendy’s birthday event is running. It is the billboard project to celebrate the birthday of Wendy on the 21st of the next month.”, announced by ‘FANNSTAR’, the playground of the idol’s fandom.

Wendy’s birthday market will be confirmed with the achievement of the star points participated by the fans. Depending on the number of the star points contributed by the fans, the birthday celebration advertisement will be displayed in various areas. 

If the star points achieve 100%, the video will be displayed in waiting areas of 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul. If it achieves 400% of star points, together with the subway displays, the travel bus advertisement will be running. If it reaches 600% of star points, subway displays, travel bus, and the Apgujeong CGV Screen will also be exposing the birthday video. When it reaches 900%, it expands up to the display of the multi-vision screen at Hongdae Station of the subway line 2.
Wendy who is beloved by many fans with her doll-like face and attractive voice. Attention is concentrated on whether the event will make it through for her special day. 

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