[THE FACT] Ryeowook of the group Super Junior has ranked first for eight consecutive weeks.

Ryeowook ranked 1st by getting 207,938 votes in artist ranking in 4th week of January from January 12 ~ 28 held by ‘FANNSTAR’. Followed by Hwang Chiyeul with 96,816 votes as 2nd, and followed by Samuel with 94,809 votes as 3rd place.

‘FANNSTAR’ screens congratulatory video for the artists who have been in the 1st place for 5 consecutive weeks in Korea and in Shinjuku, Japan. Also, if the artists record 10 consecutive weeks of 1st place, they enter in Hall of Fame. ‘FANNSTAR’ also provides various benefits such as screening the impression video of the artists in displays located in Korea and Japan.

With the news of Ryeowook ranked first, nickname ‘우리려욱이짱’ said, “Super Junior is the Best! Super Show Daebak”.

Meanwhile, ‘FANNSTAR’ will be holding ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARD’ at Namdong Gymnasium located in Namdong-gu, Incheon on this coming April 24th.

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