‘HyeongSeop X EuiWoong’, selected as representing idols of K-POP, has made the fan in Mexico go wild.

‘HyeongSeop X EuiWoong’ was selected as representing idol of K-POP at ‘2019 Mexico K-Contents Expo’ organized by Korea Creative Content Agency sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and raised the superior of K-POP by spreading it to Japan last year, followed by Thailand, South America, beyond Asia, all over the world. 

The ‘2019 Mexico K-Contents Expo’, which was held last 26th at SALA C Hall of Centro Citibanamex in Mexico, conducted fan signing event, performances, and Q&As for the fans who love Korea, and made the whole Mexico go wild with fulfilled stages of ‘HyeongSeop X EuiWoong’ together with the burning energy of the South American fans. 

In addition, the pouring interests of the local medias has reached its peak, and the popularity of ‘HyeongSeop X EuiWoong’ were realized.

The attention of the public focuses on the future steps of ‘HyeongSeop X EuiWoong’ expanding their performance stages across Asia and across the world.

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