Kokoro, Japanese member of the new girl group ‘Cherry Bullet’ is appearing in ‘South Korean Foreigners’ alone and the interest of the public is getting high.

‘Cherry Bullet’, which made their debut last 21st as a girl group consisting 10 members of Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese, is getting popular as they surpassed 2 million views of their M/V of the debut song ‘Q&A’ by 3 days of its release, and is called ‘Sister Group of AOA’.

“I went to the concert of SNSD & TVXQ and I dreamed of becoming an idol.”, said Kokoro, a Japanese member who is joining the ‘South Korean Foreigner’ team in 1st level. And with the request of “Do you have anything simple to show?” and she surprised everyone by showing pro-class idol cover dances such as Red Velvet, Twice, SNSD, etc. Not only that, she even increased the expectation of the public by speaking fluent Korean even her stay in Korea has been a year only.

Prior to the first competition, when the host Kim Yongman questioned “How do you feel about seeing actual Yoo MinSang?”, Kokoro made a strange unique answer as “He has warm atmosphere.” and made everyone laugh. She even challenged Han HyunMin during their competition by saying “I watched all episodes of South Korean Foreigners, and you failed a lot in 1st level.” and curiosity of the audience is increasing more.

The first solo appearance of Kokoro of ‘Cherry Bullet’ at entertainment show ‘South Korean Foreigner’ can be seen at 8:30 pm on the January 30th evening.

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