The singer MINSEO has expressed her impression on the new song ‘2cm’ sang together with Paul Kim.
“Personally, I like warm voice. I really thank for singing the song well with the warm voice of Paul Kim”, said Minseo through her agency Mystic Entertainment on the 29th. 
“As a fan who liked and supported Paul Kim’s music, I was so happy that I was able to work with him. And I had good time having conversation with him regarding music through this opportunity.”, she added.
On the same day at 6 pm, Minseo released her first mini album ‘The Diary of Youth’ which includes the new song ‘2cm’ as well as ‘The Grand Dreams’, ‘Growing Up’, and ‘Is Who’.

“I feel so proud about completing the debut album which is composed of 4 parts. It was very precious moments for me to meet nice people and experience different things. I will keep on trying out more. I will do good even in the next album and want to present better songs.”, he added.

And she also announced her new opportunity by saying “I got a new opportunity in acting. I will be showing up through tvN’s digital drama ‘OK to Be Sensitive’ Season 2 so please support and expect more of me”. 

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