VERIVERY has released a video of their choreography practice for their song ‘Ring Ring Ring’.

On the 28th afternoon at 9:30 PM, VERIVERY attracted the attention of the public by releasing their choreography practice video for their debut album title song ‘Ring Ring Ring’ in civilian clothes. 
The title song ‘Ring Ring Ring’ is a new jack swing genre song re-interpreted containing the feelings of love with fresh expressions, which made an issue due to the participation of the leader Dongheon and Hoyoung in writing lyrics.

Especially, VERIVey has been giving strong impressions with their colorful and fresh attractions in each stage after their debut and recorded being on top of the K-POP album charts of iTunes in Korea as well as in abroad including England, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc. 

VERIVERY, which is holding the attention with their purity charm with their versatile skills including lyrics, composition and video contents production, will continue their activities with their debut album “VERI-US”.

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