N.Flying has has intensely attracted the K-Band’s popularity in North and South America.

N.Flying led local fans’ enthusiastic responses at the ‘2019 Mexico K-Contents Expo’ held at Centro Citibanamex SALA C Hall in Mexico on the 26th. 

N.Flying had fan signing event with the performance full of heat and attracted local fans at once in this event which was sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Korea Creative Contents Agency, Korean Cultural Center. N.Flying raised the atmosphere of the hall slowly by starting with ‘R U Ready’, the track of 2nd mini album, and ‘Up All Night’ of their 4th mini album.

Then, all the audiences shook their bodies and started singing when they sang ‘I Hope’ of FT Island, senior singer under same agency, and when they started the medley of the rock band Queen which recently received great response on their exclusive concert, the enthusiasm of the audience and the atmosphere of the concert hall reached its climax.

In addition, they have captivated the audiences with the song ‘The Real’ which shows distinctive funky atmosphere, and the latest released song ‘Rooftop’ where lyrical sensitivity can be felt. 

In the middle of the K-POP rapidly expanding between global fans recently, N.Flying showed the K-Band’s possibility of success in global market by presenting the dynamic live performance with the stage manners which can only be delivered by the bands. 

Meanwhile, N.Flying is actively pursuing their music in Korea with their 2nd single ‘Rooftop’ with their annual project ‘FLY HIGH PROJECT’ released last 2nd of the month, and will be having Japan Full Album release and tour, as well as concerts abroad.

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