The title of the new title song of ONF, a boy group consists of 7 members, turned out to be ‘We Must Love’.

On 29th midnight, ONF posted the words “ONF 3rd Mini Album [We Must Love] Concept Teaser Coming Soon 2019.02.08 #ONF # ONOFF” together with two teaser image cuts on their official SNS channel. 

The first concept teaser image released had the stamp of ‘We Must Love’ in the middle of a pink letter envelope, and another concept teaser image shows the wall filled with several post-it notes that says “We Must Love” in Korean.

ONF is raising the expectation of their comeback by releasing the name of the title track of their 3rd mini album. Especially, as its their comeback in 8 months only and as the information of the new song unveils, the attention of the public is attracted on what kind of music will ONF comeback with.

In particular, the statements in English, such as “I’m not sure what had happened in the past and the future of the other world” in the previously released teaser, it raised the fans’ curiosity on what it means, and ONF is getting more attention to the world view that they are completing on how it relates to their previous albums such as debut album ‘ON/OFF’ and the second mini album ‘You Complete Me’.

Meanwhile, ONF’s 3rd mini album ‘We Must Love’ will be released at 6 pm on February 8 in various soundtrack sites.

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