Producer and singer EDEN released his new song.

"DON'T MAKE ME WAIT" the 9th song of EDENs monthly project "EDEN STARDUST”, will be released through various music websites at 6:00 pm. on Tuesday.

EDEN’s ‘DON’T MAKE ME WAIT’ is an electronica genre that expresses the hearts of man and woman who has care and push and pull each other.

Especially EDEN’s producer team LEEZ of EDE-NERY, produced also INFINITE, DREAN CATCHER, ATEEZ, and this time new vocalist BIBI SOM who has mysterious and charming voice produced together.

‘EDEN STARDUST’ is the monthly project that shows various charming and wide musical styles of EDEN. And also YOONHA, MRSHLL, Choi Jung In, BABYLON, WOODZ, ,MADDOX, LUCY and Shin Ji Soo attended before.

EDEN is singer and also produce the song of BTOB and WANNA ONE, and he will continue his album activities even in 2019.

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