Hwasa of Mamamoo who made issue with the extreme body suit revealed the identity of the ‘special gift’ she received from Lee Hyo Ri. She, who made the tripe eating syndrome, is about to open ‘Hwasa Costume’ around the broadcasting studio, and its expectations are increasing

The talkshow ‘Radio Star’ of MBC aired on Wednesday 11:10 pm, was the edition of ‘Did you had to do it’ with the singers who were issued such as, Hyorin, Hwasa of Mamamoo, Luna of f(x), Oh Jung Yeon. 

Hwasa were the extreme red colored body suit and showed off her charisma on the stage at ‘2018 MAMA’ and it was a big issue.

During that time, Hwasa has announced that the costume was self-made and mentioned about the gift from Lee Hyori, senior singer who was the Queen of Performance. Lee Hyori, who was watching Hwasa’s performances, sent the gift through someone. 

Hwasa’s charisma overflows on the stage but she told the story that she couldn’t even talk for 6 months in front of a guy she liked. 

The performance of Hwasa aired through ‘Radio Star’ on the 30th was the best live of the rearranged song with Ukulele sounds, and she also revealed the gift from the performance queen Lee Hyori.

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