The group ASTRO has won first of the music broadcasting program since debut.

ASTRO shed tears of impressions by winning first top 1 at ‘The Show’ of SBS MTV with the song ‘All Night’ since their debut last 29th.

ASTRO expressed their impression of being top 1 saying “We are so happy that we got to win ‘THE SHOW CHOICE’ with our 1st full album. Thank you AROHA and we will do our best to show you better ASTRO”.

Meanwhile, ASTRO also recorded top 1 of real-time worldwide trend in SNS and it became an issue even in abroad.

The active ASTRO with the song ‘All Night’ is holding 3rd fan meeting, ‘The 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK]’, on March 2 by the love of the fans, and will be going on their first world tour in 7 countries, starting from Taiwan on March 16.

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