The singer Jeong Jin Woon is holding his last concert before entering the military service.
“Jeong Jin Woon passed Wind Band Base and is entering on March 4. He will be holding a concert before he enters in the end of February.”, said Mystic Entertainment on the 30th.
The concert ‘wait!!’ of Jeong Jin Woon will be held at understage of Hyundai Card in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on February 24th with his band and is planning to make special performance with full of energy. 

“3 years of band sound and mood of Jeong Jin Woon with no break, will now take a short break. I’m about to pour everything before the break. Please expect a lot.”, said Jeong Jin Woon.

The ticket reservation will be starting at 2 pm on the 30th in Melon Ticket. 

Jeong Jin Woon is also active as universal entertainer in various fields beyond music such as in dramas, entertainment shows, etc. 

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