[THE FACT] The group SEVENTEEN has ranked 27th in artist ranking of ‘FAN N STAR’.

Seventeen went in as candidate in artist ranking of the ‘FAN N STAR’, an idol weekly ranking site on the 28th. After two days, on 30, they gained 350 votes and was running on the rank 27.

The title song of SEVENTEEN, ‘Home’, of the 6th mini album ‘YOU MADE MY DAWN’ entered in the ranking last 21st. 'Home' is the song of the Urban Future R&B genre, which has minimal sound and synth sound.

It is impressive that the lyrics express a precious heart to the love one with an affectionate sensibility. The mind to overcome any difficulties as both can lean on one another was compared to ‘Home’.

Seventeen who is continuing their activity as trending group with fancy performances. The expectations on whether Seventeen can be actively going up the artist ranking of ‘FAN N STAR’ with their song ‘Home.

Meanwhile, Seventeen is very active with their song ‘Home’.

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