The new boy group ONES showed off various attractions that suits the title ‘Super Rookie’. 

ONEUS has attracted the attention of the audience by showing various skills and also told the behind stories of their debut at ‘Infinite Seongjong’s Midnight Black’ of EBS FM aired at midnight of the 31st.

Member Leedo and Ravn have also attended in lyrics and composition even in debut album and proved that the group is skilled, and also announced “We were happy that could participate in making song from the debut album but also had the burden of having to keep the concept well.”. 

Various personal parades were held as well. Member Keonhee also imitated the song ‘Snow Flower’ in karaoke version with echo and made so much laughter. While he was at it, he presented the TWICE song sang by Doraemon and made so much laughter in the studio.

ONEUS is currently continuing their activities with their debut song ‘Valkyrie’. 

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