Million Market artists helped their neighbors for the warm winter.

On the 30th, the music label Million Market released photos of love briquettes donation with the artists and employees through Naver Post channel.

On the 19th, all the artists and executives of the million market, excluding singers who were unable to attend the event, Suran, coogie, Chin Chilla, Moon, Giselle, LIm Chae Eon, Lily, Sungdam, Newah, and Suha donated 5,000 briquettes to low income families who are vulnerable to heating during winter.

Even though their busy schedules, the Million Market artists helped and delivered briquettes to to someone need with smiling face and shared warmheartedness.

An agency official said "Sharing briquettes were very meaningful to our Million Market family, and thanks for giving us opportunity to help, love and interest that you gave us last year, as we got we will share with others someone need.

Million Market artists, who started the new year with love, they will continue their active activities in 2019.

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